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Top 5 Best Maybelline Compact Powder Shades

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A perfect makeover is about looking natural and beautiful. Every girl wants to hide all imperfections and conceal them with minimal make-up. Compact powders are used to conceal any imperfections that you cannot hide with foundations or correctors. Below is a list of Maybelline compact powders along with their prices.

Another concern is wearing long-lasting makeup. We don’t want to see our skin look patchy after our makeup has worn off. Compacts can be applied after you have used your liquid foundation to keep it from drying out.

A list of the best Maybelline compact powders that will prepare you for any occasion

Maybelline offers a variety of compact powder colors that will suit any skin tone and go well with any makeup. You won’t be disappointed with the results and it will also make your life easier.

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder

This powder gives you a natural matte look. Oily skin women are most likely to love it. The powder’s soft texture glides easily on skin and leaves it feeling smooth. Last but not least, the suede touch puff that glides on your skin to apply powder.

This compact will give you a stunning look without making it less natural.

Cost: Rs. 5000 approximately

Maybelline Fit me Compact

Maybelline Fit Me Compact is a great choice if you want to apply the best makeup but not get the best results. This powder will give you a fresh and fair look every day, while concealing all your skin imperfections.

You will have 12 hours of freshness, and also protection from the sun with SPF 28. This product is perfect if you want to look flawless and natural looking every day.

A daily-use product should be able to prevent your skin from getting oily, dirty, or sweaty. Maybelline Fit Me is made of perlite which is a pure mineral that absorbs excess oil and sweats to keep you looking fresh throughout the day.

Costs: Rs 150-200

Maybelline New York Fit me Matte Poreless Powder

This locks makeup to ensure it lasts longer and reduces skin suffocation. This matte, lightweight face powder fit me matte porelesssmoothly blends onto your skin.

This compact absorbs oil and dirt, leaving you looking natural and refreshed. It has been dermatologically tested and is therefore suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.

Apply the full-coverage powder to oily areas on your face. Next, blend it slowly and evenly all over your face. This product’s function is related to its name. It works to reduce pores and give your skin a smooth look.

This best compact powder will give you a beautiful, fresh, and stunning look. Available in 12 shades right now

Costs: Rs 300-500

Maybelline Shine-Free Oil Control Pressed powder

This Maybelline Face Powder is best for those with acne-prone skin. For flawless skin, acne-prone skin requires more freshness and oillessness. This gives you a matte natural finish and oil-free skin that lasts for hours. You can also use it to remove acne-prone skin and to make your skin clearer, more radiant, and less oily.

Cost: 9.99$

Maybelline New York Shine-Free Oil Control Loose powder

Excessive oil can make your skin greasy so you need a high-quality cosmetic that you can trust. This Maylline super fresh compact shadetoo absorbs excess oil and leaves your skin with a gorgeous matte finish.

The Maybelline shine free oil control loose powder will give you a beautiful look. Because it’s lightweight, you won’t feel like you are wearing heavy makeup. This makes it a great product for daily use.

The soft puff is easy to use. Simply dab it on powder and shake it lightly to loosen any excess powder. Next, apply the puff to your face and blend gently. You can use the compact powder on its own if you want a natural, non-makeup look. The natural matte finish will be retained.

Costs – Rs 2000-3000

Maybelline NY Master Face Studio Setting Powder

This Maybelline compact dust looks just like its name. It is not enough to remove all skin imperfections with the best concealers or foundations. Compact powder is the best way to fix any skin imperfections. It gives you a matte finish and leaves your skin looking natural. All skin types are compatible.

Cost: 15.89$


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