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Sespring Korean Skincare Explained

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Beauty trends change all the time. Korean skincare is one of the most popular in the world. K-beauty is sometimes referred to as Korean skincare. This trend focuses on incorporating multi-step treatments and enhanced products that protect your skin. Here’s how to get healthy, glowing skin with this innovative approach.

What makes Korean skincare different?

Korean skincare is different from other methods in that it focuses more on prevention and protection than “undoing” damage by using products that strip skin’s natural barrier with harsh chemicals.

This product works with your skin’s natural ecosystem to improve skin health. It uses a series cleansing, hydrating, nourishment, protection, and nutrition. Instead of trying to make your skin thrive, the goal is to give it consistent, dedicated care.

K-beauty’s popularity is another distinguishing factor. It is a product that originated from the traditional Korean skin care regimens. However, it has evolved over time as modern research and competition have driven innovation. Korean skincare became a popular self-care method as many brands created new products and modified routines.

Hydration Is Key

This is what makes this approach so efficient. Hydration is an essential component of a skincare regimen. Multi-layered hydrating products can penetrate skin better and make them more effective.

You will notice a plumper, more youthful-looking complexion with a natural glow. This is why the Korean beauty industry coined the term “glassy skin”, which refers to a smooth, clear complexion with a high level of hydration. The skin appears almost transparent.

There are a variety of skin care routines

There may be five, seven, or ten steps depending on what the routine is. All of them start with the classic double cleanse. They also include moisturizers, which are essential components of Korean skincare. It’s not about following a set of steps, but rather tailoring your routine to achieve lasting results. It’s not uncommon to change your routine based on your preferences, your budget, and how much time you have.

It is recommended that you start with the most basic steps each morning for those who are just starting. You will need to use an oil-based cleanser and a water-based cleanser.

It’s not necessary to have the same morning and evening routines. Instead, save the longer morning routines for the evenings. In the morning, focus on moisturizing the skin and protecting it from the sun.

Laying out a 10-Step Routine

The traditional Korean 10-step regimen is the most popular and widely used for Korean skincare. These steps are in the following order:

Step 1.

To remove oil-based impurities, first use an oil-based cleaner. You want to remove makeup, SPF, and natural oils without stripping your skin’s other healthy oils.

Step 2.

Next, apply a water-based cleanser. This product comes in the form a foaming liquid, or bar. It is used to remove any impurities left behind by oil cleansers, such as dirt and sweat.

Step 3.

The next step is to use an exfoliant. This should only be done once or twice per week. Use an exfoliant, whether it is a scrub, peel or pad, to get rid of dead skin cells.

Step 4.

Toner is the next product in your routine. It is used to balance the pH of your skin and to bring back moisture to the skin.


The next product, unique to Korean skincare, is an essence. It is designed to moisturize and protect your skin. Although essences are similar to toners and serums, they contain fermented ingredients.

Step 6.

It’s now time to add a serum as a treatment. These serums are designed to address a specific problem. They may also contain concentrated ingredients that target acne or wrinkles.

Step 7.

Next, apply a sheet mask (a sheet of paper covered in serum) to the face. Similar to exfoliants they shouldn’t be used every day.

Step 8.

An eye cream can then be used to reduce darkening, puffiness, fine lines, and irritation of the delicate skin around the eyes. Eye gels and oils can be used in place of a cream.

Step 9.

The second and final step of the application process is to use a Korean moisturizing lotion. These moisturizers are used as a sealant to make sure that all products are properly absorbed into the skin.

Step 10.

Protective SPF should also be applied before you go out on your day. Even though many moisturizers and makeup products have SPF built in, it is important to apply this last step to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun.

Self-love through Korean Skincare

Don’t let the sheer number of steps overwhelm you. This self-care ritual is soothing and can be a great way to help you feel good about yourself.

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