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Learn how to apply Kajal on the Eyes (Let Your Eyes Do the Talking).

by strgz

Let us declare, in the name of Jesus Christ: By the end of this article, we will know exactly how to use kajal on our eyes .

That was an awkward way to welcome you. I can’t hide my awkward personality with those words. Umm, hmm. Don’t laugh, we’re all the exact same, lol. We hear or read the word kohl (kajal) a lot. We think back to simpler times, when there were no sunsets and sarees moved about, etc.

While the world has changed and so has time, the trend for kohl is still very much in fashion. Kajal has been an integral part of women’s makeup for generations. Bangles, henna, and kajal – pure romance.

What exactly is Kajal?

Kohl is a dark powder that is usually made from antimony sulfide and lead sulfide. It is used in eye makeup, especially in Eastern countries. Kajal can make your look or break it.

With each passing generation, it has been gaining popularity in the cosmetic world. Kajal can be used to enhance the appearance of your eyes (either by applying it to the lower eyeline/ waterline) or to draw attention to your eyes (drawing attention).

Let’s take a moment to prepare our eyes before we go on to discuss the various ways and tips for applying kajal.

How to prepare your eyes before applying Kajal

1. To get rid of excess oil, clean your skin before you apply the kajal.

2. To achieve a clean surface, you can use a toner/cleansing cream or water.

3. You should cover up any dark circles with a good concealer to avoid looking like a serial killer or getting arrested.

4. Use a high quality kajal, darlings. It is the only product directly exposed to your eyes.

5. Be clean. Over-exaggerating can make you feel choked. Sweethearts, don’t share your makeup!

6. You have the option to choose from liquid, powder or a standard kajal pencil, just like your mood swings. I prefer a pencil.

Three Easy Ways to Use Kajal Eyes:

1. The Basic Tradition

This is the simplest and most secure method, as it has been used a thousand times. It’s simple to apply – use the ring finger of your nondominant hand to pull your eyelids down.

You need to apply kajal from the lower corner of your eye/waterline. Drag the tip of the Kajal along the outer edge. You can make it dramatic or simple, depending on your mood.

2. Wing It

First, let’s be clear: We all know what wings are but we didn’t know how to make LHS=RHS. Practice is all it takes. Gently apply the kajal to the upper lash line by gently pressing the pencil.

Once you have reached the outer corner, draw an untitled line at 45 degrees. The line running from the mid-eye to where the tip of your outer wing meets the wingtip should be thinned.

Apply a thin line of kajal to the lower lash line, moving in one motion from the inner corner towards the outer corner. Next, draw a curving outer edge line at your lower lashline. This should be shorter than your upper lash line wings.

3. Smokey But Subtle

Ok, I knew the first two but I didn’t know this one.

Apply kajal to the waterline. Line the outer corner from the inner corner. If you have small eyes, use more kajal towards the outer corners.

I trust you now know how to apply kajal for small eyes.

Make your eyes stand out. Next, use a brush to gently smudge it. Finish it off with a touch of similar eyeshadow. You can also apply kajal to the upper rim of your eyes for a finishing touch.

Personal Tip: If you have sensitive eyes, kohl can be applied below your waterline.

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We hope that you enjoyed our article How to Apply Kajal to Eyes and we look forward to seeing you again soon with more fun-to-do stuff.

How do you apply kajal to beginners?For beginners, the most effective way to apply kajal in the eyes is the basic tradition method mentioned in this article.
Where is kajal used?Kajal can be applied to the lower and upper waterline.
Do you think it is ok to use kajal every day?It’s fine to use kajal every day. You just need to be careful not to leave it on for too long.

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