I’ve reduce dairy – ought to I be apprehensive in regards to the impression it might need on my bones? We bought the reply. So, what truly occurs to your bones if you happen to reduce dairy out of your weight-reduction plan?

In information that’s about as welcome as a compound fracture, ladies attain peak bone density of their late twenties, with bone mass lowering from there on out. Superior.

Thank goodness, then, that College of Missouri researchers have confirmed their idea that the important thing to future-proofing your skeleton might be present in your fridge – particularly in soya-rich (word: not dairy) protein.

They suspected that soya protein might counter the detrimental impression of menopause on bone well being due to its bioactive (which means it results change in residing issues) elements. To research, they in contrast the bone formation of feminine rats who had been fed a soya-based weight-reduction plan and people who had been fed a corn-based weight-reduction plan. These on the previous not solely had decreased physique fats and elevated lean mass, however higher bone power.

So attain for these soya-based meals, like tofu and soy milk, and add ’em to your weight-reduction plan. Bone appétit! (Apols, we had been making an attempt to be humerus. Okay, accomplished now.)


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