How is it doable that it may be unimaginable to have intercourse? Ask the hundreds of girls world wide that suffer from vaginismus. They’re regular girls such as you and me who love their companions and who would like to have intercourse with them however reside in unconsummated relationships as a consequence of vaginismus.

Individuals who undergo from vaginismus have just a few issues in frequent:

1. Involuntary Pelvic Flooring Muscle Contraction

That is typically described as ‘hitting a wall’. Relying within the diploma of the contraction, the ladies typically have an incapacity to do the next: insert a tampon, endure a gynaecological examination or have penetrative intercourse.

2. Intense Concern Of Penetration

In some circumstances it may be so extreme that the lady will get a panic assault when an examination is tried or if her companion goes anyplace close to her genitals.

The explanation for this worry differs from affected person to affected person, however some patterns that we do see are: girls who had a really strict non secular upbringing that concerned misconceptions about intercourse; girls who’ve skilled childhood sexual abuse; and ladies with basic anxiousness issues. In lots of circumstances, no particular trigger for this worry might be established.

3. Ache Related With Penetration

Due to the extreme muscle spasm, penetration is painful, which reinforces the worry and units off the vicious cycle again and again.

The great the information?

There’s a remedy for vaginismus. Throughout the remedy we break the vicious cycle by instructing the ladies to loosen up and management their pelvic flooring muscle mass by means of physiotherapy and biofeedback. This makes penetration doable and never painful. On this course of, we additionally assist them to take care of the worry by means of cognitive behavioural remedy and intercourse remedy. In some extreme circumstances, Botox is used to loosen up the pelvic flooring muscle mass.


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