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Bombay Mehndi Designs: 7 Eye-Catching Styles Available

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Everybody knows something about mehndi, regardless of where they are from. Although the name of mehndi, or henna might be different depending on cultures, the meaning and the heartiness of it is the same.

What pins are the top-ranked on Pinterest every time you search mehndi for your next big occasion? Mehndi designs of Bombay obviously! It has changed a lot since its inception. Let’s take a look at some of the most exotic mehndi designs.

What is mehndi/henna?

Mehndi, a temporary form of body art, originated in India. According to Google, Mehndi, a decorative design that is drawn on the palms or feet using powdered der leaves from the henna plant, is an ancient form of body art. It is popular among women in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal, as well as the Middle East. Mehndi was popularized in the West by Indian cinema and entertainment.

Mehndi comes from the Sanskrit term mendhika. In the earliest Hindu Vedic ritual books, mehndi is mentioned. It was initially used only for women’s palms, but it became more popular for men to wear it. Vedic customs such as mehndi and turmeric paste are meant to symbolize the outer and inner sun.

Vedic customs center on the idea that “awakening the inner lights” is the goal. Traditional Indian designs depict the sun on the palm. This is meant to represent the hands or feet. Mehndi is a significant symbol in classical dances like Bharatnatyam.

Making henna

Henna/mehndi can be applied with either a cone containing henna paste, or a stick. After 15-20 minutes, the henna liquid will dry. It will crack once it has dried. This is a sign that it’s time to be removed. Once the liquid has dried, you can put lemon drops on it. Let it sit for a while before removing. A few drops of lemon can accelerate the oxidation process and give your mehndi a darker color.

Here are the names of top 7 Bombay mehndi designs you can choose from

1. Floral Design: This mehndi is perfect for pairing with ethnics. It features floral patterns that extend to the elbows.

2. A blend of Paisleys & Flowery Patterns: A duo to complement ethics.

3. Peacock: The perfect choice for marriage, engagement, or any other auspicious occasion.

4. The Zardosi Work Pattern of Jaali: This pattern is primarily for brides. This pattern gives you an elegant look that adds charm to the new married couple. To recreate this design, it takes patience and practice.

5. Arabic Mehndi Design – These designs include jali work, and are ideal for occasions such as Teej, karwachauth, or even eid. As the element of attraction, the maximum portion of the design is prominent.

6. Simple Finger: These modern designs are simple and elegant. They have henna applied to the palm, and then finer in a clean and artistic manner.

7. Black Mehndi is a simple design that can be done by beginners. This design does not require any complicated patterns or designs and can be done elegantly.

5 best mehndi artists in Mumbai

  1. Jyoti Choheda
  2. Geeta Patel
  3. Nirmala Asthana
  4. Pawan Arts
  5. Rahul Mehendi Arts

These are some references to help you choose the right style for any auspicious day, whether it’s your next best or your best. I hope you enjoy our Bombay mehndi design article. There are 7 striking styles to choose. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.


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